Abeo is a precast technology company

We license innovative solutions for precasters around the world

A leader in precast concrete technology

Abeo is a technology-oriented precast concrete company specialized in precast slab systems. Our goal is to be the technological leader within concrete slabs, and we thus continue to devote a large part of our ressources to R&D in order to develop new, cheaper and more efficient solutions.

Our roots go back to 2010, where we were founded to commercialize two new concrete technologies invented at the Technical University of Denmark. On the backbone of these technologies, we have developed the Super-Light Concrete Deck (SL-Deck) for construction of primarily residential projects including new production systems, machinery and product specific add-on solutions.

In 2016, the Danish concrete group, IBF, bought a controlling ownership stake in Abeo. With sales of app. €220 million, IBF is Denmark’s largest producer of concrete products. Abeo is run as a separate company of the subsidiary Industri Beton, which also includes the precast concrete producers Perstrup Beton Industri, Svinninge Beton Industri, ØSB and Byggebjerg Beton.

The SL-Deck in 160 seconds

Looking for technical information?

SL-decks combine the strength of prestressed concrete with the low weight of light-aggregate concrete, which gives a light and extremely flexible slab that can handle long spans in addition to being cheap to produce, transport and install.

Become a licensee

The SL-Deck enables precast concrete producers to become competitive on a much wider part of the market.

We seek producers who have a strong market position on their local market and preferably experience with production of prestressed products as well. Licensees get access to a complete license package containing everything needed in order to produce, sell and market the SL-Deck.