Light-Weight Concrete


AireX is a cement based light-weight insulative concrete, developed by Abeo A/S.

AireX is produced from a foam infused concrete slurry with specially designed chemical additives, resulting in weight/strength ratios similar to or better than AAC blocks.

AireX can be produced on stationary or mobile concrete mixing plants and does not require autoclaving or heated curing.

Abeo A/S delivers turn-key stationary AireX plants for precasters. We work with both greenfield projects and upgrades of existing production lines.

Due to the wet cast production method, AireX can be reinforced using both steel and PP fibers for handling and improved tensile strength.


Typical densities range from 150‐750 kg/m3

Compressive strengths

Compressive strengths of 0,1‐6MPa

Insulative values

Insulative values of ʎ 0,05‐0,21 W/mK