AireX panels

Light-Weight Concrete


AireX – Panels is a cost-effective wet-cast system for loadbearing – and non-loadbearing walls and partitions.


  • Paint ready hard surface: The wet cast AireX Panels treated with Abeo’s surface additive has a superior smooth, solid and level surface, reducing the need for plastering and sanding on the job site.
  • Fast installation: AireX Panels can be installed quickly using methods and tools similar to hollow-wall and AAC panels.
  • Water resistant: AireX Panels with Abeo’s Crystal Curing have a closed surface reducing water absorption from rain and onsite moisture.
  • Easy to reinforce: AireX Panels can be reinforced with soft PP fibers and steel, giving them superior tensile strength and making the fastening of doorframes, windows, electric switches and furniture easy and secure.
  • Low weight: Solid outside and airious inside, AireX panels combine concrete surfaces with low weight of 25-82kg./m2 depending on density.

Internal Structure

Panel data

Dimensions (mm) Possible range Typical Partition wall Heavy Partition (STC 50) Light-Weight insulative panel W/mK 0,067
Width 200-1.200 600 600 600
Height 1000-4.000 2.400 2.400 2400
Thickness 50-300 100 200 100
Concrete density 250-1.000kg/m3 550kg/m3 825kg/m3 250kg/m3
Weight/panel 2.5-1440kg 79kg 238kg 36kg


AireX Slabs and panels are designed to be produced in U-shaped steel frames loaded into compressing battery forms of 25 frames.

  • Concrete capacity needed: 7,5m3/hour
  • Number of castings pr. battery/day: 2-4 (50-100 frames)
  • Gross capacity pr. battery pr. day: 150-300m2
  • Panels/day: 100-200
  • Crew needed/battery 3-4

Batching and mixing

1. Hour


5. Hour

1st curing in battery – Frames removed

16. Hour

2nd curing – demoulding from frames

17. Hour

Preparation of frames complete


AireX Slabs for roofs and multilevel construction can be produced simply by adding steel reinforcement to AireX Panels.

Slabs can be produced using the same equipment as AireX Panels and are suitable for shorter spans of 2-6 meters.


  • Wet cast smooth surfaces

  • No plaster on ceilings needed on-site

  • Fiber and steel reinforced

  • Low weight and easy installation relative to hollow core or cast in place

  • Ideal for villas and short span projects

  • Easy to drill holes for electrical and plumbing

Diemensions (mm) Possible range Typical Slab
Widths 200-1.200 600
Typical spans 2.000-6.000 3.500
Thicknesses 80-250 100
Crosssection of a steel reinforced 600x100mm AireX Slab