Light-Weight Concrete

Precast Concrete Applications

Products and uses in precast.

AireX™ is suitable for large piece precasting of low weight and low-cost wall panels. The production setup is simple and can be implemented in existing precast factories. Equipment costs are low and existing factory forms can often be used. Surfaces are paint ready wet cast and smooth – no plastering is needed on site.

Solid wall panels & partitions

   Low cost internal walls

  • Load bearing or non-load bearing walls

  • Ideal for partition walls

  • No plaster needed

  • Few joints

  • Doorways can easily be cut with hand tools

  • Fast installation

  • Super smooth surface

  • Can be casted in battery forms

Architectural & insulated facades

    Precast Facades

  • With brick or architectural concrete finish

  • Insulative panels with an additional light-weight AireX layer

  • Load bearing facades for 1-3 floors

What we supply

  • Turnkey mixing plants

  • Equipment setup

  • Factory design

  • Admixtures

  • Training of local staff

  • Engineering support

  • Laboratory tests and documentation

  • Maintenance and spare parts

  • Concrete forms

  • Financing