AireX Mobile

Light-Weight Concrete

AireX Mobile

Abeo A/S offers mobile plants for on-site production and casting of AireX light-weight concrete.

The mobile AireX plants are available as 20ft or 40ft container frame versions and able to be placed stationary or fitted on an std. flatbed truck.

The mobile plants are delivered as complete turnkey systems and include:

  • Complete mixing plant 20-30m3/hour

  • AireX foam infusing technology

  • Cement hopper

  • The 40ft versions include an on-truck cement silo with up to 17t capacity.

  • Chemical additives and water tanks

  • Diesel generator

  • Automation and touch screen control

  • Pump and hose for on-site distribution

Common applications

  • Roof insulation

  • Sub floors

  • Profiled steel slab topping

  • On-site walls

  • Low weight foundations

  • Light‐weight backfill for retaining walls

  • Pipe insulation

  • Slope forming

  • Hollow wall filler

  • Void filling


The AireX mobile plants can be loaded with cement from:

  • Cement silo trucks
  • Vertical silos via screw conveyor
  • Big bags
  • Small bags

Low weight composite slabs

  • Replacing 252kg/m2 of traditional heavy concrete steel composite slab topping with 52kg of AireX
  • Saves 200kg/m2 of materials and significantly reduces the cost of the supporting steel structure
  • Fiber reinforcement increases the tensile strength of the concrete
  • Traditional steel reinforcement can be left out
  • The floor is dry and ready for the next process after 24 hours