Light-Weight Concrete Aggregate


Airgregate is cement based light-weight aggregate that can be produced with bulk densities from 200-400 kg/m3 and material compressive strengths from 2-6 MPa. Airgregates is produced on a modified concrete mixer using cement and filler material as well as a combination of special additives supplied by Abeo A/S.

Airgregate is produced by first mixing a concrete slurry infused with foam, secondly the material is cured and 1 crushed into a final product. Crushing is done using a specially designed machine that creates less than 4% dust and more than 96% ready to use product.

  • Step 1

    Concrete slurry is mixed - Foam Infusion

  • Step 2

    Casting - Curing for 12 hours

  • Step 3

    Crushing - Sieving


Due to the high strength and special crushing equipment developed by Abeo A/S, Airgregrate can be produced in any size demanded by customers. Typical sizes for open structure blocks are 1-20 mm with closed structure blocks using 1-8 mm.

Using cement as the primary input, Airgregate enables concrete block manufacturers globally to produce light-weight dry pressed blocks without the need for a local supplier of low weight materials such as expanded clay, shale or pumice.

           Expanded clay                               Airgregate

Developed for blocks

Airgregate has been specifically developed and tested for the production of light-weight blocks using traditional block pressing equipment. The variability of sizes enables both closed and open block designs as well as final block densities from 400- 1800 kg/m3.

Material R&D

Since 2016 Abeo A/S has been researching how to create a light-weight aggregate based on globally available materials and with the same weight, strength and durability as the high quality European made expanded clay aggregates. Airgregate give all concrete companies access to the production of light-weight blocks independent of local aggregate suppliers and at a significantly reduced investment cost compared to expanded clay aggregate production.