The SL-Deck

The super-light and flexible concrete deck

About the SL-Deck

The SL-deck is a patented and prestressed slab system developed by Abeo to provide the benefits of cast-in place and semi-precast slabs at the speed, quality and cost of a 100% precast concrete slab.

SL-decks combine the strength of prestressed concrete with the low weight of light-aggregate concrete, which gives a light and extremely flexible slab that can handle long spans in addition to being cheap to produce, transport and install.

One of the main differences compared to other slab systems is that the fully automatic SL casting machine only places the low weight where needed in the slab. This provides a high degree of flexibility in other parts of the slab, e.g. for cast-in solutions and embeds or for zones of solid concrete and extra reinforcement.

Another big benefit of SL-decks is the large slab width of up to 3.6-meter, which significantly reduces the number of crane lifts, on-site joints and hence installation costs.

For precast producers, SL-decks offer a unique opportunity to gain a strategic competitive advantage and become more competitive in the residential market segment.

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An intelligent product design


The bottom part of the SL-deck consists of a lightweight concrete with a density of app. 800 kg/m3. The lightweight concrete is casted in a special arch-shaped geometry creating grooves both lengthwise and crosswise.

The lightweight concrete blocks are produced with a fully automatic casting machine. The machine makes it possible to leave out specific blocks and thus place the low weight exactly where needed, while providing a high degree of flexibility in other parts of the slab.

In the longitudinal and transverse grooves, SL-decks are filled with self-compacting concrete (SCC) having a density of app. 2.400 kg/m3. This creates a series of reinforced ribs protected and stabilized by the lightweight concrete.

In the ends of each slab, a minimum a 200mm solid SCC concrete is casted to ensure a level of shear capacity in the

A minimum of 200 mm massive SCC is casted in the ends of each slab in order to secure a high ability to handle shear forces in the areas where the slabs are supported. If necessary, additional reinforcement can be added to the ends of the slabs.

Prestressed reinforcement is placed in the longitudinal ribs, while traditional non-stressed reinforcement is placed in all the transverse ribs, thereby creating a cross-reinforced structure. The amount and dimension of the reinforcement can be adjusted to fit the needs of a specific project.

If necessary, the lightweight concrete, can be omitted to create space for cast-in solutions or zones of solid concrete and extra reinforcement.