Hyrdehoj consists of 35 architect-designed townhouses close to Copenhagen. The townhouses are built around an inner community with private green backyards.

The SL-deck has been used as slab system for the 1st floor and has been delivered with a number of time-saving solutions, including built-in hangers at the interior staircase as well as with cast-in edge reinforcement, so this process could be eliminated on-site. By incorporating the hangers at the factory, it was possible to save the purchase of separate hangers from a steel supplier, fire protection paint could be avoided at the same time as the solution created no visible steel profiles under the slabs.

In the project, the SL-deck’s joint-free solution has also been used. This provided a smooth and aesthetically nice-looking ceiling without the use of suspended ceilings.

About the project

  • Location: Roskilde
  • Developer: Broen Development
  • Architect: Cornelius Vöge
  • Engineer: Art-Tek