Kivistö Centre

Avain Yhtiöt Oy is one of Finland’s largest housing developers. They build over 1000 new apartments each year and chose SL-decks for their largest residential building site in Vantaa. The project consists of three separate apartment blocks with a total of 330 apartments.

Business Area Manager, Kari Mäenpää, from Avain Yhtiöt Oy sees SL-deck as a very attractive product for the apartment sector and says: “Luja-Superlaatta (Finnish SL-deck trademark) is a very interesting product for us, as its ease and cost-efficiency make the whole building process better for us as a developer. As a client, we are always interested in such innovative technology solutions.”

About the project

  • Place: Vantaa, Finland
  • Size: 21.000 M2
  • Bygherre: Avain Yhtiöt Oy
  • Architect: Soino & Horto