Stubkaj has been designed by WERK architects and is constructed by BGB A/S.

The project will include app. 110 apartments with two balconies in each unit. The open ground floor melts together with the urban space encompassing both sea culture, reception and cafés.

Industri Beton won the full precast contract including installation based on an SL-deck solution, where side-cantilevered balconies can be fixed directly to the SL-decks. Furthermore, all SL-decks along the facade will be delivered with cast-in edge reinforcement and straight sides so all on-site job processes related to this are eliminated.

Stubkaj is expected to be finalized by 2021.

About the project

  • Place: Copenhagen
  • Developer: Walls A/S
  • Architect: WERK architects
  • Contractor: BGB A/S