Taarnby houses

Taarnby houses is one of many new youth housing projects consisting of smaller housing units and short spans. The building will contain 58 youth-suitable apartment units consisting of 24 one-room apartments and 29 small 2-room apartments spread across 2 blocks with 3-5 floors.

Due to the short spans of only approx. 4 meters, double-long SL-18 (180mm) has been chosen for the project making it possible to reduce the number of crane lifts by almost 50% as well as reducing the floor height.

In addition to double-long slabs, a very cost-effective solution with non-stressed SL-decks was also chosen as the walkway slabs providing entry to the individual apartments, just as the outer SL-decks along the walkway slabs are supplied with integrated doorway inserts.

Taarnby houses has been designed by Friis Andersen Architects and is constructed by Bo-Hus. The project is scheduled to be completed during 2020.

About the project

  • Place: Copenhagen
  • Architect: Friis Andersen
  • Contractor: Bo-Hus