Tindall starts SL-deck production in the USA

Abeo and the American precast concrete producer, Tindall Corporation, have entered into a license agreement concerning the Southeastern part of the USA. In early 2020, the company will be introducing the SL-deck to the American market under their own brand name ‘T-SLAB’.

Abeo has made a license agreement with Tindall Cooperation for production of SL-decks in the Southeastern part of the USA. Tindall is one of America’s largest precast concrete producers with around 1,500 employees and 5 factories located in South Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, Mississippi, and Texas. From here the company has delivered thousands of challenging projects throughout the Mid-Atlantic, Southeastern, and South-Central United States for more than 50 years.

President and CEO of Tindall, Greg Force, says:

“The SL-deck is a perfect complement to our systems approach to building construction, and I personally believe it will help further drive the adoption of total precast construction in the residential, commercial, and institutional sectors.

This is one of the most well-thought-out products that I’ve encountered during my nearly 40 years in this industry. Tindall and Abeo share similar mindsets, placing creativity and progressive thinking at the forefront, and we are very much looking forward to the partnership.”

The first SL-deck factories will be located in South Carolina and Virginia, from where Tindall will be able to serve the important markets around Atlanta, Charlotte and up to Washington D.C. The long-term plan is to expand production facilities to other locations in order to supply the entire Southeastern USA.

Until now, SL-decks have existed in 2.4-meter and 3-meter wide versions. However, for the American market, Abeo has developed a new 3.6-meter (12 feet) wide SL-deck to be introduced by Tindall. In combination with the SL-deck’s low weight and high flexibility, the wider slabs make it possible to reduce installation costs further and achieve even more flexibility for openings, loads, diaphragm forces, cast-in solutions etc.

Tindall’s first SL-deck production line is expected to start in the spring of 2020 with a large number of customers having already expressed strong interest in the product.

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Abeo and the American precast concrete producer, Tindall Corporation, have entered into a license agreement concerning the Southeastern part of the USA.

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