Olof Palme’s Avenue

On the old plot for the Danish School of Journalism, 50 new family apartments and 300 student apartments will be built by JFP.

After a close and productive dialogue with JFP, Industri Beton won the full precast contract based on a SL-deck solution with a number of cost- and time saving solutions:

  • SL-decks are delivered as tripple-long units in most of the project, thus reducing the number of slabs and crane lifts by app. 60%
  • All slabs along the facade are delivered with straight sides and cast-in edge reinforcement, so all on-site edge casting can be avoided.
  • By reversing the span over the corridors and producing the SL-decks with cast-in cross beams, the number of corridor slabs could be significantly reduced.
  • In areas over light partitioning walls, SL-decks are produced without LAC concrete, thus creating zones of massive concrete and eliminating the need for filling cores with concrete

The project is expected to be finalized by the summer of 2023.

About the project

  • Place: Aarhus
  • Contractor: JFP
  • Architect: RUM Architects & Reiulf Ramstad Architects
  • Engineer: Sweco
  • Developer: Østjysk Bolig A/S