Flexible slab geometry

SL-decks combine the flexibility from self-compacting concrete (SCC) with the speed and cost-efficiency of prefabrication.

This means that SL-deck’s geometry can be produced to accommodate special shapes and modern building designs. E.g. SL-decks can be delivered with rounded ends or sides that match the building geometry and eliminates the need for on-site casting. The result is a faster installation process with fewer risks of errors and mistakes.

Special slab geometries are made effectively in production, as the fully automatic LAC-machine is able to leave out individual blocks in relevant areas. The machine is controlled by a production planning software feeding the machine with an input file containing the relevant production plan.

See examples of the SL-deck’s flexibility applied in specific projects below.

Triangular slabs (for round buildings)

Rounded sides and ends

Odd shapes

Large openings

Besides the outer geometry, SL-decks can also be delivered with openings of many shapes. As reinforcement can be added locally, very large openings compared to other types of precast slabs can be created.